A Year and a Day Completed

So I’ve done my Year and a Day for Wicca. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t get as much out of it as I wanted. This wasn’t due to Nordic Wicca (the eclectic brand I practice because I feel more comfortable with it) as much as it was to a lot of other personal problems and interruptions that took away my time.

There wasn’t anything I could do about it and I couldn’t ignore what was going on around me. Nevertheless, I intend to keep the altar and when the mood strikes me perform a small ceremony. I do like how it ties in so nicely with yearly patterns and the changing of the seasons and moon and sun. I like that a lot. Some mornings I will ring my bell and call upon Freya and Odin to give me strength to face what’s coming that day.

I am hoping some of the personal upsets I’ve suffered this past year will calm down. They have been extremely disruptive and personally painful. If they don’t ease off I will have to make other decisions about my life that don’t (and should not) involve my interest in wicca, or anything else.

I have to be mindful of priorities in my life, no matter what else might be sucked into the maelstrom around me. Writing, of course, always comes first. That is a no-brainer.

But not all is lost. All Hallows’ Eve is coming up and I plan to do a cleansing of the house with incense and bell, a ritual I did last year and enjoyed. It’s a fun, simple little ritual that helps breathe new life into your home and yourself. It’s fun and other people like to help.

So at the moment that’s my relationship with wicca. I really do like it a lot, but personal matters are intruding in so many other aspects of my life I can’t ignore them. I will celebrate yearly events when I can and of course I will blog about them.


Blessed Be. )O(




Halloween Skeleton Wedding Feast Pix (Part 2 – The Groom and Feast)

The Groom awaits his lovey bride. Oh, what wonderful expectations he has for tonight!

Cane, gloves, pocket watch. Now for a hearty wedding repast and then a memorable night of passion with his lovely bride….

The wedding table under white light so you can see the detail.

The red light of murder really brings out the romantic aspect of the tableau. Many years of marital bliss ahead, you crazy kids, you!

A nice chicken carcass for dinner. Mayhap the butcher knife will be used for something else tonight….?

Were the mice invited or did they gate crash the wedding? What playful scamps they are! So long as they stay out of the nuptial bed then all will be well…

Halloween Skeleton Wedding Feast Pix (Part 1 – The Bride)

The beautiful bride in her moment of joy. Notice the mice in her ribcage and on her arm. What a lovely veil! (Yes, that’s a mouse in her eyesocket.)

The Skeleton Bride as she appeared at night under red light, surrounded by spider webs. She’s so happy!

What a priceless stone on her wedding finger!

What a pretty bouquet of flowers…and, er, mice.

Another headless bride (notice her bouquet of flowers at her feet) watches over the outside graveyard.

Halloween Haunt Pictures

From last night:

Halloween Haunt w/Pics (Update)

Here are some more pics of what we have waiting for the TOTs. Still a work in progress but our main goal is to scare the hell out of them  give them a thrill!

This is hanging in the entrance to the Skeleton Wedding Feast room. How many brave TOTs will walk past it? And yet they must if they wish to get candy!

This Scarecrow outside is part of the graveyard theme. Trust me, he’s awesome at night with his glowing lantern and his tattered black cloak blowing in the wind.

The Scarecrow is holding a silver vampire head. Come on, how cool is that?

The TOTs also have to get past this ghoul. Good luck with that! Imagine it at night, with lights placed for best effect of illumination and shadow, and with strobes here and there.

This is just the beginning of the Spider Graveyard. I will have the entire tree webbed up with big spiders crawling around it. Many, many more headstones to come, too. This is just the beginning.

I’ll have more pics up for you soon. Keep checking back. Thanks!

Halloween Haunt at Night w/Pics

Here are some pictures of the haunt at night with webbing and under lighting. Still a work in progress, but you can get a better sense of what the totality will look like.

Keep checking back for updates. I’ll have more soon. 🙂

We started putting up webbing today. This is the top canopy of webbing. There will be LOTS more in the room after the table is finished.

This gives you an idea what the room will look like at night under red light. Poor little TOTs!

Got a spotlight now on the hanged man in the secondary graveyard. I love those bloodstains on his garments. This is probably my favorite piece. He is genuinely scary at night.

The tombstone you saw earlier in the day at night under spotlight. I am going to have a lot of candles around this set piece. It is going to be beautiful.

Orange red porch light. Soon the entire entrance way to the house will be wreathed in webbing and the light from the lamps will play off that. I can’t wait!

Halloween Haunt Update w/Pics!

This year we have a double theme. Outside it will be “Spider Graveyard” and inside “Skeleton Wedding Feast”. These pictures will give you some idea of what we are currently working on. I hope to have everything running by Saturday night and will try and get some night pics for you. I don’t plan to put up all the spiderwebbing outside because I don’t want it torn to complete shreds by the wind.

There will also be some surprises in the haunt which I will not tell you about yet, but keep watching this blog and I’ll have the pictures for you later. But this will give you some idea of the progress we’ve made so far.

This is the wedding feast. You can see we are still working on the table. Sorry for the blur. This whole scene will be illuminated in red light and everything will be draped in spiderweb. The trick or treaters have to come inside this room to get their candy!

A close up of the beautiful bride. Still working on her, too. You can see her necklace. She also has a bouquet. Once we get everything done I’ll take specific pictures of her. She’s pretty cool, I’m happy with how she is coming along.

The groom. Ideally he should have a bowtie, but we are probably going to go with the tie. I must really apologize for the blur!

Death welcomes the TOTs as they come inside the house. He will be bathed in black light. We will also have some other surprises for them.

There will be jack o’lanterns here, too and everything will be webbed. The TOTs will simply have to fight their way through the webbing to get to the door. That’s their problem!

The main entrance door. Somewhat spare, but imagine it completely wreathed in webbing. The spareness gives a special spookiness. The doormat will be taken away. I want nothing familiar in the entrance way. Only the most brave of TOTs can get candy here!

Halloween Haunt (a progress report)

We started unpacking Halloween stuff yesterday. We are going with a spider graveyard theme outside and Starwheel by Kammarheit as the background music. I don’t know if you have ever heard this album, but it is scary as hell. I actually reviewed the album for Drops of Crimson a while back.

It’s some very atmospheric, dark and creepy music. That should scare the TOTs! 🙂

Inside we are going to do something different. We are going to have a skeleton wedding party in the front dining room. We have a groom skeleton and a bride skeleton. We are slowly building the concept and haunt as ideas come to us.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet but I will. I don’t like taking pictures of stuff in progress, too much. We wired the skeletons in the chairs, started working on the table decorations, got top hat and made a bridal veil and  bouquet for the dead bride. The front dining room will work really well because there is an old grandfather clock in that room and we can put the Satanic altar in there, too. I will also drape the entire room in spider webbing and with the red lights in the chandelier it should look pretty good. Finally, we are toying with the idea of using a chicken carcass for their dinner and putting rats all over the table. Should be creepy!

The outside will be a little bare compared to last year, but that’s the theme. Dead spider graveyard outside the haunted house, and inside the skeleton wedding feast. TOTs and their parents will come inside the house to the wedding table to get their candy — if they’re brave enough!

Oh, and today I bought more ceramic skulls from Walgreens. You can never have enough ceramic skulls, as far as I am concerned. 😛

Yikes! Halloween is coming fast and I haven’t begun to decorate.

Sheesh. The month is more than half over and I haven’t begun to move on Halloween decorations yet. I’ve got to start. I have some ideas from last year and new plans for my haunt. But I’ve got to put this stuff together. I’m not yet in the mood. Not feeling it. I guess it will hit me like last year, all of a sudden, and there will be a sudden, joyful rush to decorate.

One thing that irks me a little is I tried to grow pumpkins this year for jack o’lanterns. Didn’t work out what with the drought and all. Pumpkins were a fizzle. Now I have to go buy some and broth-er are they expensive. I had hoped to grow so many I could have Pumpkin Central. That won’t happen now.

I think I should start taking stuff out of the closet and elsewhere and see what I’ve got to work with, though.I bought a lot of new stuff on sale after the holiday last year and I need to inventory.

I have a really cool idea for one set piece, though. I have most of what I need to put it up. With any luck I will get on the stick and start making progress and maybe have pictures for you as I work on the haunt. I’ll be honest. Just writing about decorating is starting to get my spirit flowing. That’s progress!

One thing I do know. The soundtrack to the haunt will be Starwheel by Kammarheit. It scared the hell out of the trick or treaters last year, and that’s going to be my goal again this year.

Anything less than them running away in terror (after they got their candy, of course) is a huge disappointment.  😛

October is my favorite month mostly cuz there are werewolves.

October is my favorite month of the year.  Not only does it have my second favorite holiday, I also like the raw nip in the night air, the Harvest Moon casting its blue glare over a quiet landscape,  the lonely stars glimmering above stubbled corn stalks, the bare limbs of trees hanging like fingers of grey slate in the night sky.

Oh, and it’s great werewolf weather.

But there’s other cool things, too.  This is the month TCM and AMC show all those great old Universal monster movies: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf-Man, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, etc.  Man, I LOVE those old movies.  Mostly because I discovered them when I was 12 or 13 (thus proving the old adage the Golden Age of SF and Fantasy is twelve going on thirteen years old) when we were living in Illinois.  Many of you may not remember, but back then (before cable, even!) there were local horror movie hosts who showed old monster movies on Saturday nights and tried to sell you commercial siding during the commercials.  I remember some guy who talked to a skull, another guy in cape and cloak who called himself Seymour of the Night, and a half-dressed babe lounging around an fake moonscape.  I can’t remember her name, but I was thirteen and she was half-dressed and therefore super hot.  Of course, this was way before Elvira of the Dark who resurrected the idea of these late night hosted monster movies,  and quite successfully, too.  (It helped that she was also hot. And did I mention she was hot?)

And then, when I was younger,  there are those Halloweens where I dressed as a ghost with a skeleton mask and spooked the neighborhood.  Ah, the good old days when all you had to do was dress up and knock on a door to get candy instead of putting on an entire production.  And we didn’t just get candy.  We got cookies, candy apples, popcorn balls, all kinds of home baked stuff and not just lame chocolate bars that taste like wax. And you kids get off my lawn!

Yup, I love me some October.



Planning another camping trip…with writing a novel on the side!

Thinking about going camping this weekend. A couple of reasons. It’s getting late in the year and if I wait much longer it’s going to get cold. I don’t like the cold. I can deal with the heat much better. Just me. 😛

There are also the buffalo. I’d like to follow them around for a day and watch ’em interact with one another and the environment and see what makes them tick. I also like the solitude and quiet, of course.

But I think the major reason is I am very close to pulling the trigger on this new Haxan prequel novel. The story is coming into shape in my mind and I am getting close to the “start making notes and doing research” phase. Since that is the case I’d like to tie that in with some other act, like going camping.

Right now the changes are 50/50 I will go. I don’t need to go camping, either, to start preliminary work on a new novel. I just thought it would make a nice start with a camping trip. I’m going to start the notes and stuff next week whether I’m at Caprock Canyon or not. Maybe I can meet my writing buddy if I’m not going camping; that would be nice.

As you can see I have a lot to think about, haha. But I am looking forward to writing/working on a new project. Oh, and I have some more news on the “publishing my backlog of stories” thing going on in the background. I found someone who can do covers for me via barter, so that works out. He can’t do all my stuff, but it should give me a lead in while I try and learn how to use PhotoShop with my limited brain.

Other than that everything is fine here. I’m starting to get excited about Halloween and it’s not even October yet! 😀

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