About Me

Thank you for showing an interest in my work and background. My name is Kenneth Mark Hoover and I am a professional writer. I am also a member of SFWA and HWA, and WWA.

I have sold over 60 short stories and articles to professional and semi-professional magazines. My first science fiction novel, FEVREBLAU, was published by Five Star Press in 2005 and sold out its first print run.Β  I am at present working on dark western short stories set in the mythical town of Haxan, New Mexico, circa 1874. My novel, HAXAN, has been published by ChiZine Publications. The new novel QUATERNITY will be released in 2015 by CZP.

I attend as many science fiction conventions as I can and am happy to meet new writers and readers. So feel free to drop by and say hello!

I was born in deep Louisiana sugarcane country but grew up in South Texas. I have two degrees, one in journalism and a bachelors degree in physics with a chemistry minor.Β  My main passions outside writing include chess, amateur astronomy, shotokan karate and politics. I am an unabashed Yellow Dog Democrat and an opinionated bookworm. My musical tastes run from Tchaikovsky to Rob Zombie. I have worked as a surveyor, an educator and a salesman, but my first love is writing. I currently live near Dallas, TX.

Find out more about Haxan on my website....

I also used to run an Internet station called Theater 13 Radio. We broadcasted Old Time Radio programs of suspense, mystery and horror. I no longer run Theater 13, but I really do miss it, and I still love OTR!

11 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Thank you for dropping by. Please check back often for updates, and don’t forget to bookmark the site! πŸ™‚

  2. K.M., regarding your “SWTOR:etc.” post today, I enjoyed it, do not agree about Star Wars (my favorite movie trilogy until The Lord of the Rings achievement by Peter Jackson), but am glad you are going to try the game. The little Frodo/Gandalf combo ghostie mentor should be fun–AND relaxing: he possesses some Hobbit-like characteristics, as far as I am concerned. A weirder,time-warpy type of simple wisdom and celebration of simple things in life, SORT-of! HOWEVER, because your post title included the syllable “butt-“, the netgear firewall of this system I am on right now blocked me from posting my comment directly on that post. Just so you know…

  3. C. L. Sostarich referred me to your blog, and I’m glad she did! First, I’m fascinated by Lousiana and bayou country and have an idea for a YA mystery/suspense novel that I haven’t had time to write yet. Secondly, I’m very interested in your Theater 13 project because I used to write and transcribe for a radio theatre show in college. I even adapted Lovecraft’s The Dark Brotherhood into a radioplay. And lastly, I understand you used to play WoW until Cataclysm. If you’d ever like to revisit Azeroth without having to play the game, I’m writing serial fanfiction on my blog. http://www.rumertales.wordpress.com

  4. Hi Ken. I liked your comments. Also, enjoyed your story about Inanna, and have been very interested in the Sumerians. I’ve also been writing SF. Recently published the first part of my trilogy, “Centauri Wars”. Plus I’m working on a nonfiction book about ET origins. Good luck with your novel.

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