Halloween Haunt at Night w/Pics

Here are some pictures of the haunt at night with webbing and under lighting. Still a work in progress, but you can get a better sense of what the totality will look like.

Keep checking back for updates. I’ll have more soon. 🙂

We started putting up webbing today. This is the top canopy of webbing. There will be LOTS more in the room after the table is finished.

This gives you an idea what the room will look like at night under red light. Poor little TOTs!

Got a spotlight now on the hanged man in the secondary graveyard. I love those bloodstains on his garments. This is probably my favorite piece. He is genuinely scary at night.

The tombstone you saw earlier in the day at night under spotlight. I am going to have a lot of candles around this set piece. It is going to be beautiful.

Orange red porch light. Soon the entire entrance way to the house will be wreathed in webbing and the light from the lamps will play off that. I can’t wait!

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