Halloween Haunt Update w/Pics!

This year we have a double theme. Outside it will be “Spider Graveyard” and inside “Skeleton Wedding Feast”. These pictures will give you some idea of what we are currently working on. I hope to have everything running by Saturday night and will try and get some night pics for you. I don’t plan to put up all the spiderwebbing outside because I don’t want it torn to complete shreds by the wind.

There will also be some surprises in the haunt which I will not tell you about yet, but keep watching this blog and I’ll have the pictures for you later. But this will give you some idea of the progress we’ve made so far.

This is the wedding feast. You can see we are still working on the table. Sorry for the blur. This whole scene will be illuminated in red light and everything will be draped in spiderweb. The trick or treaters have to come inside this room to get their candy!

A close up of the beautiful bride. Still working on her, too. You can see her necklace. She also has a bouquet. Once we get everything done I’ll take specific pictures of her. She’s pretty cool, I’m happy with how she is coming along.

The groom. Ideally he should have a bowtie, but we are probably going to go with the tie. I must really apologize for the blur!

Death welcomes the TOTs as they come inside the house. He will be bathed in black light. We will also have some other surprises for them.

There will be jack o’lanterns here, too and everything will be webbed. The TOTs will simply have to fight their way through the webbing to get to the door. That’s their problem!

The main entrance door. Somewhat spare, but imagine it completely wreathed in webbing. The spareness gives a special spookiness. The doormat will be taken away. I want nothing familiar in the entrance way. Only the most brave of TOTs can get candy here!

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