Halloween Haunt w/Pics (Update)

Here are some more pics of what we have waiting for the TOTs. Still a work in progress but our main goal is to scare the hell out of them  give them a thrill!

This is hanging in the entrance to the Skeleton Wedding Feast room. How many brave TOTs will walk past it? And yet they must if they wish to get candy!

This Scarecrow outside is part of the graveyard theme. Trust me, he’s awesome at night with his glowing lantern and his tattered black cloak blowing in the wind.

The Scarecrow is holding a silver vampire head. Come on, how cool is that?

The TOTs also have to get past this ghoul. Good luck with that! Imagine it at night, with lights placed for best effect of illumination and shadow, and with strobes here and there.

This is just the beginning of the Spider Graveyard. I will have the entire tree webbed up with big spiders crawling around it. Many, many more headstones to come, too. This is just the beginning.

I’ll have more pics up for you soon. Keep checking back. Thanks!

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