Yikes! Halloween is coming fast and I haven’t begun to decorate.

Sheesh. The month is more than half over and I haven’t begun to move on Halloween decorations yet. I’ve got to start. I have some ideas from last year and new plans for my haunt. But I’ve got to put this stuff together. I’m not yet in the mood. Not feeling it. I guess it will hit me like last year, all of a sudden, and there will be a sudden, joyful rush to decorate.

One thing that irks me a little is I tried to grow pumpkins this year for jack o’lanterns. Didn’t work out what with the drought and all. Pumpkins were a fizzle. Now I have to go buy some and broth-er are they expensive. I had hoped to grow so many I could have Pumpkin Central. That won’t happen now.

I think I should start taking stuff out of the closet and elsewhere and see what I’ve got to work with, though.I bought a lot of new stuff on sale after the holiday last year and I need to inventory.

I have a really cool idea for one set piece, though. I have most of what I need to put it up. With any luck I will get on the stick and start making progress and maybe have pictures for you as I work on the haunt. I’ll be honest. Just writing about decorating is starting to get my spirit flowing. That’s progress!

One thing I do know. The soundtrack to the haunt will be Starwheel by Kammarheit. It scared the hell out of the trick or treaters last year, and that’s going to be my goal again this year.

Anything less than them running away in terror (after they got their candy, of course) is a huge disappointment.  😛

4 Replies to “Yikes! Halloween is coming fast and I haven’t begun to decorate.”

  1. The pumpkins I grew this year were small. About the size of my palm. I was going to carve out the insides and put pumpkin soup in them, but didn’t. I want to get three lights and put them up in the windows on one side of the house. Right now, with the ways the windows are set, the one side looks like the house is saying ‘OH!’ 😀

  2. This year has been an odd one for Halloween. Maybe because it’s been hot late, or because the stores had decorations out so early, but there is almost a contradictory sense that things don’t feel much like Halloween yet it’s been the Halloween season for ages.

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