Rio Frio Photographs

I enjoyed the scenery when I visited Rio Frio. Here is another set of photographs. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂        

My “Working” Trip to Rio Frio

While staying at Rio Frio last week I began the final edit on the Haxan prequel novel, Quaternity. I began making notes for the novel when I was staying at Palo Duro two years ago. I might as well cap off the work while camping alongside a western river in Texas, right? Meanwhile, I also …

The Border Trip: Fort Davis Camping

Here are more pictures from what I have been calling my Border Trip. It's the trip I took from Laredo to Nogales in preparation to writing the novel I have just completed. The buttes in the distance are fantastic. Here is my campsite at Fort Davis. There was a lot of wildlife here, including javelinas …

Camping Trip

I'm headed to Caprock Canyon and later Palo Duro Canyon this weekend and will be gone through most of next week. I'll Tweet when I can, but cell service out there is spotty at best. I'll take pictures and post them when I get back.