Writers with Angst Line Up Here

I am headed to the Frio River this weekend for a camping trip. Well, I’m staying in a cabin, so it’s sort of like camping, right? I will be starting the third edit of the new Haxan novel, but I may start the new novel as well. I’d like to get a chapter or two under my belt and see how it shapes up.

There is a lot of research to do for the hobo novel, but I am eager to start dabbling.

I have been a little put out lately with myself. I feel I am not getting enough done. I am a little haggard due to some sinus trouble, but that seems to be passing. I have big plans for the year and I’ve gotten some of that done, so I should not be so put out with myself. I can’t help it. Sometimes writing is like that. The only person who can hold you accountable is yourself. No one else cares. You have to do it. I really am making steady progress. I have to learn you can’t do everything in one day. I need to learn a lesson from that. You’d think I would have by now.

This trip is a chance for me to decompress and rest. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll play with my new camera and with luck I can find Internet access and post updates for you. Depending on how I feel I may try a quick trip south to the border for a little more research opportunity. I’m also taking my guitar so I can practice.

Catch you on the flip side!

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