The Stark Beauty of Caprock Canyon

Part of the reason I like Caprock (and Palo Duro) is the stark beauty of these deserts. They really make you feel alone. The solitude is amazing and I still cannot get over how quiet it is out there. We are inundated with noise everyday of our lives in this modern world. No escaping it. Out there it’s total silence. Kind of creepy.

Another cool thing is how beautifully dark the skies are at night. You can see lanes of the Milky Way. I have never seen so many satellites, either. Wow, they are moving across the sky all the time. One night I saw two that appeared to be traveling in tandem from north to south. That was so cool.

2 Replies to “The Stark Beauty of Caprock Canyon”

  1. What beautiful pictures! The one thing I find about a desert, people say there’s no life, but it’s usually teaming with life. You just have to know where to look for it. REally cool to be able to see satalites. I can see the Milky Way at night too, but I bet it’s really bright where you are. 🙂

    Are those Yucca plants?

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