Halloween Haunt (a progress report)

We started unpacking Halloween stuff yesterday. We are going with a spider graveyard theme outside and Starwheel by Kammarheit as the background music. I don’t know if you have ever heard this album, but it is scary as hell. I actually reviewed the album for Drops of Crimson a while back.

It’s some very atmospheric, dark and creepy music. That should scare the TOTs! πŸ™‚

Inside we are going to do something different. We are going to have a skeleton wedding party in the front dining room. We have a groom skeleton and a bride skeleton. We are slowly building the concept and haunt as ideas come to us.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet but I will. I don’t like taking pictures of stuff in progress, too much. We wired the skeletons in the chairs, started working on the table decorations, got top hat and made a bridal veil andΒ  bouquet for the dead bride. The front dining room will work really well because there is an old grandfather clock in that room and we can put the Satanic altar in there, too. I will also drape the entire room in spider webbing and with the red lights in the chandelier it should look pretty good. Finally, we are toying with the idea of using a chicken carcass for their dinner and putting rats all over the table. Should be creepy!

The outside will be a little bare compared to last year, but that’s the theme. Dead spider graveyard outside the haunted house, and inside the skeleton wedding feast. TOTs and their parents will come inside the house to the wedding table to get their candy — if they’re brave enough!

Oh, and today I bought more ceramic skulls from Walgreens. You can never have enough ceramic skulls, as far as I am concerned. πŸ˜›

4 Replies to “Halloween Haunt (a progress report)”

  1. I wish I could come and be scared! I will have to go to a “Fall Festival” at church where the only scary things are the kids!! Have fun – I can’t wait to see pictures. How about a bowl of blood for the punch?
    Aunt Lulu

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