WHC and New Orleans Report Winding Down

I’ve had a good weekend. Did a lot of walking and thinking which for writers are two activities that go well together.

Came to a decision about the hobo novel. I am going to start work on this soon. I had an idea of going back to the Cigar Factory on Decatur and writing, but TBH I didn’t want to lug my computer that far.

I’m lazy.

Anyway, headed home tomorrow and I’m ready. I’ve eaten a lot of good food here, but I’m ready to head back to Texas and eat pork fajitas and drink an ice-cold Lone Star.

Picked up some books and anthologies from the World Horror Convention. Very much looking forward to reading them. In the interim I became aware of a writer called Lucy Taylor and you can pencil me in as a big fan. Her work is very, very good. How was she flying below my radar? Who knows. But I will be following her career from now on.

Met and made some new friends at the convention. All in all I had a fun time, but I do confess the walking wore me out.

See you next time when I am home!

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