Pictures from NOLA

Here are some pictures I took of my trip to New Orleans.

Light DarkThis is Maspero’s. Good food and $1 daiquiris. The daiquiris are short on liquor but long on taste.

Street BandWe saw many spectacular street bands. I might blog about them more later. Honestly, the music from these men and women on the street was often as good as anything we heard in the bars.

Iron LaceYou can’t walk through the French Quarter without seeing lots of French lace iron-work.

Street ViewAs a writer I would like to dig deeper into the art community here. Music and painting are very apparent, but I’d like to get in touch with more NOLA writers.

Empty BarMaspero’s again. I often sat here at the end of the bar so I could watch the patrons inside and the passerby outside. Writers are always watching people! 🙂

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