WHC and New Orleans Report

Today is my first full day at World Horror Convention. I’ll be attending a panel or two on marketing, and I have a reading marked down from one of my friends I want to attend.

I cannot seem to upload pictures from this connection. Nothing I can do about it other than wait until I get home, I guess. But look on the bright side. There will be lots of pictures coming!

I’m looking forward to seeing the dealer’s room later today. That’s where I will often find people I know. Writers tend to congregate among lots and lots of books. 🙂

Food here is great, which you expect since it’s New Orleans. The weather hasn’t been too bad. It’s overcast so we aren’t being blistered by the sun. Making sure I stay hydrated with lots and lot of liquor water. I love the street performers and all the history here. It’s a great place to absorb what makes people tick.

I’ve been writing off and on which I try to make a habit of when I attend these cons. It’s a nice way to recharge my batteries.

I have this week carved out for the JTR story which is okay. But I can’t deny my thoughts and creative energies are turning more and more to the hobo novel.

Maybe I need to accept the fact the hobo novel is the more important work right now and start that.

Headed out to the convention to poke around a bit and then head out for lunch.

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