Theater 13 Radio Marathon: CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Theater 13 Radio is ringing in the New Year by running a CBS Radio Mystery Theater marathon. This was the classic radio show hosted by E.G. Marshall. I just love listening to Old Time Radio because the emphasis is on dialog, an important aspect of fiction. It’s always a learning experience for me.

Hope you guys like this classic radio programming and have a great New Year’s day! 🙂

Mistress Zarella welcomes you to Theater 13 Radio....

2 Replies to “Theater 13 Radio Marathon: CBS Radio Mystery Theater”

  1. You bring back so many fond memories of lying on the living room rug on my stomach, chin propped on hands, listening with my grandparents to great radio shows in the early 50s! What? Yes, I am going to be 65 tomorrow and can still put my ankle behind neck. Anyway, nothing could beat those old radio shows under an attic fan with a big glass of lemonade on a sweltering Mississippi summer late afternoon. Thanks for the terriffic memories you triggered here!

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