Invoking Freya for the Full Moon

Today is the full moon so I invoked Freya as the Mother Aspect of the Triple Goddess. Here are a few pictures from the ceremony. I did not, Freya2of course, take the photographs during the ceremony as that would have been disrespectful.

Freya is sometimes used as the Maiden Aspect of the Triple Goddess and Frigga is the Mother. I tend to use Idunn as the Maiden, however. Hela remains, naturally, the Crone Aspect.

Freya is a leader of the Valkyries and a sage mistress of cats. Her powers are love, beauty, war, wisdom, and sometimes death since she is a Valkyrie. She can be called upon for differing types of spellwork including enchantments, protection, wisdom, love, poetry and creativity. I think the reason I like to call upon her is for the creativity since that fits in well with my writing.



For the last quarter moon of this month I hope to invoke Hela and post pictures from that ceremony.

3 Replies to “Invoking Freya for the Full Moon”

  1. back in the days they called uppon her when the planted their first crops there would be an big offering to ensure the succes of their crops so fertility would be one of her powers too am i right ?

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