Climbing Toward Light

I had a dream I was climbing a tall, slender tree. I was in a jungle, I think, and it was dark. There weren’t any other trees around I could reach.

When I looked down I was so high off the ground I became afraid. The ground was shrouded in mist and it looked too dangerous to climb back down where I came from. If I tried, I knew I would fall.

When I looked up the tree went on until it broke through the clouds in a feeble burst of sunshine.

It was a long, long way to climb up. There was a limb where I could rest and regain my strength until I made the climb up, up, toward the light.

That was the dream.

I’m making that climb now. I don’t know when I will get there. Or if.

Trees and Clouds

But I know for damn sure I am not going back down.

One Reply to “Climbing Toward Light”

  1. Glad to hear it, sounds really interesting. You’ve been pretty quiet lately. I wondered. Hope your Solistice/Yule and Christmas were blessed. 🙂

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