The History and Location of Theater 13 Radio (for those who might wonder!)

Theater 13 Radio comes to you from a desolate graveyard surrounded by thick oak and dead pecan trees. Surrounding this ancient family cemetery is a rusty wrought-iron fence without a gate. Inside the fence stands a lone gray marble mausoleum with a single word carved in the lintel:


It is the last resting place of the lovely spirit you see in our banner.

Zarella died on her wedding night in 1923 after her third* husband succumbed under mysterious circumstances from, what were said to be, self-inflected knife wounds in his throat and chest. Go figure! Accidents in the home. What can you do to avoid them?

On her way to seek help, Zarella’s car, a red Dusenberg Model A, blew a tire. Some say she was driving too fast. Others say she was headed the wrong way because the only doctor was in the opposite direction. Well, you know how people gossip. Anyway, she skidded off a bridge into a river swollen with dark, rushing water. And there she drowned, trapped inside the car.

Funny thing that. Little problem with the logistics. When the car was pulled from the river she wasn’t inside. Doors were locked. Windshield wasn’t smashed or anything. She simply disappeared. There was a search and she was found dead half a mile down river. Some wags maintain she pushed the car into the river to fake her death and accidentally slipped in after it and drowned. Like that could really happen.

Gosh. It’s still a mystery, though. Well, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio.

Now her aching, wandering soul channels OTR programs directly from the eternal ether to your PC — in an effort to reconnect with the material world, and return….

We’re not sure what she will do if she ever does return to this world. But it probably won’t be good.

And people say there are no happy endings in life. Enjoy the scary programs!

Theater 13 Radio, your one stop for OTR programming!

*They think it was her third husband. Records are kind of sparse since the City Hall burned down in 1934. Almost like someone was trying to cover up something. Anyway, it’s thought she might have been married before, but unfortunately her previous husbands died of tragic accidents around the house. One stumbled down the basement stairs in the pitch dark and broke his neck on the edge of a shovel. A one in a million happenstance, really, but what can you do? The second husband was found dead in the house library. He had been cleaning his gun and, well, it made quite a mess. The local police had trouble explaining this “accident” seeing as how he also had a letter opener in his back. But you never know about these things, and the past has a way of hiding its secrets. Everyone said the third marriage was for love.

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