A Pretty Important Announcement (well, I think it’s important) about My Writing

Because of some stuff that happened I am now able to make a decision about my writing as it pertains to this year. Pretty simple, really.

I am going balls out hit-the-firewall-and-push-it-farther for the year.

This means many more conventions. Library readings. Postings. Some other new stuff on the horizon, including more stories published by Argo Navis.

In general a lot of stuff I am lax about doing anyway and need to concentrate on. Which is all fine and I am good with the decision now that I have made it. I kind of had to wait until now to make the final decision, which means January is pretty much shot. But that’s all right. I am not going to obsess over that.

Not that I have been totally lax. I did, after all, finish a pretty big project that consumed me for 18 months…in only 19 days.

However, mixed in all this is, of course, writing. And still more writing.

And yet more writing. Including some short stories I want to write and finish.

Furthermore, I am definitely going to start the Great American Hobo Novel sometime this year. I was having a little trouble getting the story pinned down in my mind but it is taking shape. Mix in a little Sumerian Mythology…and, well, I think I might have something worth pursuing. *crosses fingers*

There are other things I have planned including a surprise or two. So, please, stay tuned to this blog and watch for upcoming announcements. As always, I want to thank you for showing an interest in my work. It means a lot as we take this journey together. In case you were wondering, I do need you there to keep me from stumbling. 🙂


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