“The Whistler” is being aired on Theater 13 Radio!

Theater 13 Radio is running an Old Time Radio marathon of The Whistler. This classic radio show was based on horror, mystery, suspense and other genres. The main thing about this show is you get to follow the story through the eyes of the murderer, and yet the story always takes an unexpected twist in the last minute. They are very well written and like all OTR I think theybenefit writers who want to concentrate on dialog and story structure.



Mistress Zarella welcomes you to Theater 13 Radio....


2 Replies to ““The Whistler” is being aired on Theater 13 Radio!”

  1. I vaguely remember hearing my parents talking about listening to “The Whistler” on the radio. Telling the story from the viewpoint of the murderer would certainly tend to pull the listener right into the whirlpool of their motives, I would think. Sounds very absorbing!

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