The “Me” Update

Busy today, but I got more writing done on the new story and have about nine pages total.  Not bad.  This might be a decent story if I can pull it off. Tricky, though. I'll get up early tomorrow morning and head out for New Mexico. I'm really looking forward to this trip for a lot …


Story and Voice

I did three pages on the Styx story this morning. It's coming along.  More importantly I think I've found my voice for the story. I was missing that, too.  It's still a bear, though. Getting ready and psyched for the upcoming trip to New Mexico.

Idea For My New Short Story

This is yet another blog which mirrors my main site at except while that blog talks about both politics, family, and writing, this will concentrate only on writing. It's just another platform for me to get my name out there. My next story will have the working title "Fishing the Styx". I've made notes …