Litha: a love story


Litha Garmes lives in a world of emotional darkness. Trapped in bottomless depression since the accidental death of her twin, Litha is a makeup artist who wears corpse paint, creates beautiful art with her own blood, and keeps a black Massasauga rattlesnake as a pet.

Litha also lives, breathes, and sleeps black metal music. It is her life. She knows one day it will be her death…until she meets a man from the stars. As they fall in love Litha climbs out of her deep depression with guidance and help from her friends and family, and her own indomitable strength.

Only to learn her newly won freedom comes with an unimaginable sacrifice.

LITHA is a love story set outside traditional boundaries. In the custom of “The Bell Jar meets Wednesday Addams all grown up,” and unique on its own, LITHA combines the darkly artistic world of black metal music with varying shades of black humor and deep love between people, and all of it set against the majestic beauty and open desert landscape of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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