Activation Energy

In a chemical reaction you need to apply energy to get it started. I was thinking about this the other day when I was feeling bored and yet had a ton of stuff I needed to do.

There is a lot of writing I can  do, along with reading or learning to sail or walking the dog or baking bread or a hundred other things. But I didn’t feel motivated enough to start. It wasn’t laziness as much as it was motivation. Nor was it a “what’s the point of doing anything” feeling. Bored. Unmotivated.

I get into these ditches sometimes. Often I have to follow it along until I find a gradual incline and get myself above ground. One of the things I am having problem with is what to write?

Any professional writer will tell you getting ideas is the easiest part. Deciding what to work on can be a problem. Not every story is created equal. You have to pick and choose which one will be worth your time. Let someone else write those other stories. You have to find the best project for yourself.

If all I was going to do was write with no interest in what I was writing, well, I could do that.  I”m looking for something deeper. I have a few ideas. A few paths I can take out of this ditch I’m currently in. Short stories. A new novel. Do some self-publication. But to start I need the activation energy. A jump start. Somewhere. Somehow.

That’s the problem at the moment.


Decisions, Decisions.

I’ve been debating myself what to work on next. I have things in the pipeline of ideas. Any writer will tell you coming up with ideas is the easiest part of this profession. But so far nothing has jumped out and grabbed me.

I could sit down and write any one of the half dozen ideas clambering around the monkey bars in my head. And I’ve done this long enough to know you can’t always wait for inspiration. Sometimes you have to dig the ditch that needs to be dug.

I can work on short stories or start a new novel. Or I can move ahead and begin to self publish some things in which the rights have reverted back to me, or self-publish an entirely new work. Or do all of them at the same time. Or none. Or….

You see my predicament.

I’m currently leaning toward finishing a cluster of short stories. That will give me new work to submit while I either move on to a novel, or something else. But is it the right move?

I’m not usually  one for vacillation. I’ve rarely had difficulty making a decision about writing, but this time I appear to be in a stuck place. I’ll figure it out. Jabbering about it on a blog is helpful. I hope to have news soon, haha.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Any advice would be appreciated!

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