Mad Dogs, Lunatics, and Writers

For a long time I’ve been wondering how crazy stupid a person has to be to ever become a writer.the-writer2

Think about it. It’s a very solitary existence. You do most everything by yourself. Writing is very internal. You sit and watch people so you can learn about them. . You do a lot of people watching because at the end of the day you always write about people.

Even if your book is about robots and dragons you are still writing about people and their emotions and how they act.

But the real craziness comes when you realize there is no guarantee an editor or publisher will ever accept your work. You write send your stuff out and you do this over and over again.

That’s crazy.

That’s insane.

And the really inexplicable part is how we keep doing it despite the setbacks and obstacles, and no guarantee we will be published, or make money, or be recognized.

Because if fame is your goal….then you might as well give up because the likelihood is you are going to be disappointed.

But if all you want to do is write….well, that’s sustainable. That’s something to shoot for and be proud of. That’s accepting writing for what it is, and not what you want it to be.

Writing is crazy. It drives us crazy. It’s a damn crazy business.

Sometimes it takes everything I have to focus on this and try and understand what has me gripped in its power.

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