Making Magickal Wands for Wicca/Paganism

One of the nice things about Wicca is you can fashion the tools you need for very little expense. One of these is a wand.

I started with several choices and diameters of wood. The first two in the picture below are juniper, then I had an apple branch followed by maple. I asked the juniper tree permission before I took the branches and give it a big drink of water afterward. The apple and maple were picked off the ground from dead branches.


Here is the apple wand after I stripped the bark. I left some for a handle and left the knots and whorls and buds because I liked the way that looked.

photo(4)Next I worked on the maple….


Here is the apple wand completely carved and sanded and polished. It is 13-inches long. I don’t think I will paint it or glue crystals to it. I prefer a more natural look. But if you decide to make your own wand you can do whatever feels right for you. There is no right or wrong way, it’s the intent that matters most here. You can even buy one from a metaphysical shop if you wish.


Here are all three together. (Sorry for the blurriness.) At the moment the apple wand is on my altar. (Oh, you didn’t know I have an altar? I guess I should blog about that!) I think I might carve the big fat juniper wand with sigils and decorate with hair, feathers. At the moment I’m happy with the apple and maple wands so I doubt I will mess with them further.

Apple, juniper, maple wands.

Different woods have different magickal properties. Maple has feminine and masculine energy which fits with the God/Goddess dual aspect of Wicca. A horned owl is considered the sacred bird of this tree.  Maple wands are used for spiritual healing. They enhance  knowledge and communication.

The Apple tree represents female energy and is a symbol of fertility. Since I am doing Nordic Gods it fits with Iduun who grew golden apples to convey immortality to the gods. Apple is good for fairie magick, love, peace, harmony.  I have yet to find information on juniper. Not that it matters. It’s not the wand, it’s the witch who holds the wand that is important, along with his intent. Don’t have a wand? You can use your finger. It’s not the tool…it’s the intent that is always most important in Wicca.

Blessed be!  )O(

Loki stole Idunn’s apples which, as you might guess, caused quite a lot of consternation among the Nordic gods.

2 Replies to “Making Magickal Wands for Wicca/Paganism”

  1. Fabulous, I made my first wand with what I thought was willow. Turns out it’s not, so I am trying to find willow. Great work by the way. I am so thrilled to see someone else doing the same things. I would like to see your alter. That is something I am missing. I use my headboard on my bed…but hey it works.

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