Summer Doldrums

This has not been a great summer so far. I’m ready for the Fall.

Progress on the novel is slow but I’m not obsessing over that. Because of things I had to deal with last month (and last week) I haven’t had the time. That’s one thing about writing I don’t obsess over. Sometimes you do not have the time or the availability to write. When it’s out of your control you might as well go with the flow and wait until things settle down.

That’s the place I find myself in now. It’s fine. I can wait.

I’m still excited about the new novel. I’m in this scene where I either have to go on, or back up 3 or 4 pages and start over. I’m leaning toward the latter but I would like to understand why the scene isn’t working, or why my instinct tells me it isn’t working, before I rework it. That’s my habit. I like to understand why something isn’t working in a story before I go ahead so I can avoid it again in the future.

Anyway, this summer has not been great, but those things aren’t writing related, just personal. I’m ready for stuff to settle down so I can focus on other things.


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