Finished Notes for New Novel, Still Hazy on Characterization

I finished the bulk of my notes for the new novel. I like what I have so far. I haven’t reconciled the problem of having the story down without a firm grasp of the characters, but I believe I am making progress on that front as well.

At any rate I hope I am making progress on that.

Right now I am thinking I might plan a trip up to Dalhart and Boise City which were the epicenter of the Dust Bowl and plays a part in the novel. Not a big deal. This isn’t like the Border Trip I took when I was researching the last novel. I honestly felt that was necessary because the border itself played a big part in the novel and you could argue it was a character itself.

Not the same with this new novel. But it can’t help to get a firsthand look at this area and get a feel on how it shapes people. That can never hurt.

I won’t lie. I’m a little nervous about not having the characters down as well as I would like. That is so unlike me when I write. But every day that passes I see a little more, turn another little corner. It’s not much, but I hope collectively it will be enough.

I’m even toying with the idea that my main character is all wrong and that’s what I need to change. Either change him, or delete him and come at the story from another angle.

I believe in the story. I like the idea. I am not as happy with the character I have picked to tell that story. That’s my problem right now.

I haven’t found a way to reconcile it and it keeps me up at night.




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