My Search for a Martial Art Might have Narrowed to…Shaolin Kung Fu?

Today I put on my gi and worked out. After some careful stretching I did all the basic Shotokan stances, strikes, kicks, and blocks. I ended up doing the first kata.

I joked on Twitter I was about to die, but I have to say I got through it pretty well. It was a good workout and I followed it with a hot bath.

As readers of this blog know I have toying with the idea of finding a martial art to keep me busy this summer. I was a big Shotokan guy for a long time but there’s not a dojo around within a decent driving distance. There’s one in Arlington, but that’s 50 minutes away. That’s too far. So I looked at some other classical karate around and there’s Wado Ryu which isn’t too bad. But if I’m going to stay in karate I don’t know about learning a whole new style.

What I mean is, if I am going to learn a whole new style…why not learn a whole new style?

I did some homework and found a Shaolin Five Animals/Northern Long Fist not far from me at all. I checked it out last night and liked what I saw. Did a little digging in their background (which you have to do with every training hall because some are shady) and they seem legit. Even better, the classes are unlimited, I can go anytime during the day to practice (yay!) and they have yoga for martial artists (yay, because I’m an old man!) and Tai Chi classes. That’s a lot to bring to the table.

So this is the direction I might be going. I’m an old karate guy: linear, straight-line, external. Kung fu? For me?

Maybe so. Stay tuned. 🙂

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