Pictures of My Border Trip to Ruidosa, TX

Once you drive through Presidio and make it through the Chinati Mountain Pass on Farm Road 170 the next stop along the Mexico/Texas Border is Ruidosa.

I wanted to stop because my latest novel Quaternity takes place outside the town for a chapter or three. It’s always beneficial for a writer to see a place first hand if you can, I think. Google Earth helps a lot, but you can’t beat seeing it with your own eyes if possible.

Ruidosa has an interesting history in the west. In the 1800s convicts used to be stationed here so they could fight the Native Americans. The land is stark and dry and you are surrounded by mountains on both sides of the border. Chinati Peak towers over the landscape.

Here are pictures I took around Ruidosa. I think there used to be a little community store years back, but it looked closed now. I didn’t see anyone about. There was an occasional motorcycle on the road, however, mostly sight-seers like myself.

Ruidosa Sign

Ruidosa Church

Adobe Church

Ruidosa Road

Mountain Range

One Reply to “Pictures of My Border Trip to Ruidosa, TX”

  1. Thank you so much, for sharing your experience traveling through these parts of Texas. To some not a big deal… me a very huge deal! I always wanted to take my father to his birthplace of Ruidosa Texas, but things and circumstancess never allowed it. My father is now 85 years old and ill, and we casually started talking about Ruidos Texas (his birthplace) and how he still remembers. I did a search to see if I could find anything about this little town and I came across your experience, driving through Ruidosa. We thouroughy enjoyed your story and pictures. I am so glad that your experiences, brought my father great joy, to probably see that little church one more time. Gracias! 😉

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