How I Wrote My New Haxan Story “Rado”

I had what I consider an unusual amount of trouble writing this short story. It wasn’t the plot but how the voice was developing that I had so much trouble with.

I had never written a Haxan story that featured Jake Strop before so maybe that was part of the problem. I didn’t want him to come across as a clone of Marwood and he had to have his own voice and way of looking at things.

I started this story about two years ago, dropped it and came back to it from time to time. I knew there was something there worth working for and I think I finally found it. But this was one of the more difficult stories to write, I found. I’m glad it all came together for me, however.

Anyway, The Western Online has accepted it and now it’s up for everyone to read. Just clickie on the linkie below.

I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks for listening! šŸ™‚


“Rado” published by The Western Online

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