Long Week Finally Has a Good Ending

Yesterday I learned The Western Online accepted a short story of mine. This was a nice end to a pretty awful week and I needed some good news. I’m glad they liked it and I look forward to appearing in their magazine soon.

It’s a new Haxan story in which I tried to do something a little different. Apropos of my earlier post in which I talked about writing outside your comfort zone. Now I’ve got the weekend ahead of me and I’m going to be busy with personal stuff, but I will try to get back to this blog on Monday and post updated material.

I didn’t make it to MidSouthCon this weekend even though I planned to attend. I wasn’t out any money but I had to make the decision whether I would go this year, and decided to stay home and take care of stuff. I never bought the preregistration in time anyway, so all I had to do was cancel a hotel reservation. I will pencil in this convention for next year, though. Meanwhile, I need to get registered for other SF/F conventions coming up this summer.

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