On Writing: Production vs. Content

I’ve been struggling with production lately. I keep thinking I am not doing as much as I should, which is crazy, because by any metric I am pretty writer-angstbusy.

I have a lot planned for this year. I think part of the problem is January was pretty much a wasted month. But I haven’t been lax since then. I’ve been pretty steady in writing, getting new stuff ready, research, conventions, planning another novel, editing. The entire gamut.

But I think the problem comes when I compare what I have done so far with what I want to accomplish this year. Which is a mistake, because it’s like comparing what you have done in an hour when you have an entire day yet to go.

I think part of this is something many professional writers experience at one time or another. We tend to recognize the profession is a marathon, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try to sprint when we can. Of course I could always do more each day, but sometimes I worry about the trade off between getting a lot done quickly or taking my time and doing it well.

I believe the latter is the better road. But that doesn’t mean I don’t worry I am not doing enough.

If a couple of little things fall through the cracks this year I won’t obsess over it. I want to get the major points accomplished, though, if I can.


Later: After I wrote this post I edited two stories and sent one off to a magazine to be considered for publication. So I have gotten some things done. But the overall way I feel is still the same. If I don’t keep this up I really will fall behind, even though I do have a year to accomplish my goals. But, as of right now, things are going a little better than I previously feared. 

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