Life is Getting in the Way of Writing

Got a lot to do today. Yesterday was busy, too. More than usual. Classical guitar and photography class took up most of the day yesterday. Today I am meeting my writing buddy at the coffee shop and will push to get this edit done on the new short story. At least whip it in recognizable shape.

Then I have to take the truck in for warranty service. I might be able to put that off until tomorrow. Once I get back home I can start signing up for specific science fiction conventions. While this is going on I need to keep getting my gear ready for the camping trip next week. Squeeze in lunch and classical guitar practice during the day. That’s along with the thousand other things I have to take care of.

Sometimes I feel I am trying to get too much done too quickly: classical guitar, photography, writing, camping, tutoring, working on the Argo Navis stuff, etc. As a result I get nothing done. Or not enough.

I am usually better compartmentalizing time and priorities than this. Writing is the main focus. A lot of other things are demanding attention and taking away the time I need for that.

I believe if I can get this short story shaped up that will go a long way to open up my time and making me feel better about what I have accomplished. This story is nibbling at the edges of my consciousness and I want to get it polished and move on to working on something else. Good grief, I haven’t even begun reading aloud the last Haxan novel for the third edit!

Hopefully I will get caught up on one or two things today and can cross them off my list (or shorten the list) and make progress. I need to get caught up. I don’t want to keep losing ground.

It is a busy time right now. I’ll get through it, but at the moment I feel I am slipping behind. I don’t like that feeling.

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