Conventions I will attend this year, and my other writing plans.

Here is a list of conventions I plan to attend this year, along with some other things I expect to get working in the pipeline:

MidSouthCon March 22-24 I used to go to this con all the time in Memphis with the guys in my gaming group. Probably too late for me to get on a panel this year. But it tends to be a good con all the same.
JordanCon/DeepSouthCon April 19-21 Roswell, GA. DeepSouthCon moves around and often hooks up with MidSouthCon, this year they are in GA. This is in our area and I can probably make this one. Not really a big deal if I miss it, but I would like to attend. Might be a better candidate for next year, though.
World Horror Con June 13-16 in New Orleans. This one is a definite.
Armadillo Con in Austin July 27-29.  Another definite. Sort of a low key con in some regards, but it’s fun and focuses more on writing than anything else.
Bubonicon August 23-25 in Albuquerque. I’d like to go to this one. It’s supposed to be pretty good and it’s right at the limit of our area. Might be time enough for me to get on a panel. Anyway, this is one I would like to attend but if I don’t make it this year it’s all right. I’ll make it next year.
LoneStarCon 3 WorldCon August 29-Sept. 3, San Antonio, TX. Absolutely going to this one. Because this is such a big convention I might pass Bubonicon by because by the time I get home from New Mexico I would have to turn right around and head out to this one. Anyway, next year I could plan to attend Lone Star Con all by itself since it’s always in San Antonio. (I think.)
FenCon October 4-6. Another Dallas convention and one I’ve been to before. I will try to get on panel but not the end of the world if I cannot. I can make this one easy.
Finally, I need to renew my membership for SFWA and HWA. Both are good because many of these cons have parties and meetings only open for members to meet and greet. Despite the many changes in publishing having these letters after your name still carries a little weight as well.

So that’s what I have planned as far as conventions go. Let me know what you think. I am also going to contact the libraries around here and set up readings. I know I have said that before, but this time I am really going to do it since I am focusing the entire year on writing,

3 Replies to “Conventions I will attend this year, and my other writing plans.”

      1. I wish, but currently I have no plans to go to any of them. I just don’t go to as many cons these days. When I lived in Mississippi I needed them, but these days I live in Portland, OR and go to fewer cons because I no longer have to search for my people.

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