Dialog with Story: Hello, I’m There Again

Me: So I’ve decided to buckle down and spend the entire year concentrating on my writing.

Story: Big whoop.

Me: You’re not helpful. This is a big decision. I want to see where I am at the end of the year.

Story: See my previous statement. If you need me I’ll be over here yawning.

Me: I guess now you are going to tell me how wrong I am. Since that appears to be the thrust of most of our conversations on this blog.

Story: No, what I am going to do is tell you how right you are. Don’t faint. Even a blind hog can root up an acorn now and then.

Me: You know how to make a guy feel good, Story.

Story: You should have been doing this all along, spanky. Okay, some things got in the way and maybe you didn’t have as much opportunity as you would like, but now you do. This plan to immerse yourself in the profession and see how much progress you can make in a year’s time is nothing more than common sense. Attending more conventions, networking, visiting libraries and setting up readings…it’s all smart.

Me: I don’t know how much writing I can do. I’m pretty choosy nowadays which projects I take on and which ones I leave aside.

Story: That’s normal. That comes with experience and belief in yourself and your ability as a professional. Bob Dylan once said he had many more song ideas than he let himself write. He concentrated on the songs that spoke to him in a very specific way. The other songs, he said, he would let someone else write. I can understand that way of thinking. There’s no sense toiling away at a story that doesn’t speak to your heart. If you do, you’re not writing, you’re typing. Quantity isn’t the the keystone, it’s quality. One good story is infinitely better than three lousy ones.

Me: Wow, you compared me to Bob Dylan. That’s the nicest thing you  have ever said about me, Story.

Story: Well, you looked a little down and I thought you could use a pick me up. I’m excited, too, about your plans. What’s coming up?

Me: I have a camping trip scheduled and I think I will work on something out there.

Story: Good, I’ll come with you.

Me: That should make things easier.

Story: Less talk, and more packing, bunky. And lots more writing.

Making plans are one thing, settling on what they mean in the end is also important



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