Big Day of Edits

Late roundup posting but I was busy today. I got up before 3 a.m. and I did 150 pages of edits on the new novel. It went pretty well. The novel isn’t perfect. Well, I guess no story is perfect when you get right down to it. Though some classics come awfully close and I would argue probably do reach that bar. Anyway, for me the story is coming along. I have nothing to complain about.

Which is not to say there are not problem areas. But the fact I recognize them as such gives me hope I can ultimately correct them. Botis’s sermons are a little too long and they need to be tightened up and relate thematically to one another. This is one problem I have with electronic manuscripts. It’s easier for me to see separate pages from the manuscript when they are in paper form. That way I can jump from one to the other and compare each page in either hand and find the themes I need. I find it quicker than scrolling through a manuscript and something about bookmarking a manuscript doesn’t feel right. It feels clunky to me.

Such is my burden. So I might print out those sections and take a look at them and hand edit them for clarity.

The day wasn’t entirely spent on edits. I practiced classical guitar for about three hours, broken up into individual sessions. Mostly worked on “Malagueña” and arpeggiated Emi and Ami chords to build up my fundamentals.

Hope to have news about writing conventions I will be attending later this year. Keep tuned for that.

Off to bed.

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