My First Guitar Lesson!

My first classical guitar lesson went pretty well yesterday. We didn’t do much. The instructor asked me some questions and we ran through some sight reading of music so he could see where I was. I played a little bit. He helped me see how my right hand was not parallel to the strings and my thumb not resting behind the neck. I knew I had some bad habits to correct and now I have to work on that. These changes help me to reach the strings better and cover the frets with my hand span.

I don’t know how it happened but I lost my Korg tuner so I had to buy another! It’s around the house somewhere, but I have looked and looked for  a month and I cannot find it. Of course, now that I have bought a new one (about $15) I will probably find the one I lost. It’s probably under my pillow or in a coat pocket that way. Some obvious place. It’s always that way.

He asked me and I told him my goals were to play Romanza and Malagueña.

Got some homework. He wants me to view some YouTube videos of other classical guitarists and watch their posture, hand positions, etc. Also check out some videos of the songs Jesu, Afro-Cuban Lullaby, Lagrima and Adelita. It’s to help me broaden my perspective of other kinds of music out there.

I also have a song to practice, Malagueña. Mostly be able to read the notes and play them, worry about tempo later. I can do that. I will also work on some other stuff as well. He said the two classical books I was already working out of, Noad and Hal Leonard’s Classical Guitar, were fine. I could keep on with them. He will bring music to the sessions and give it to me, stuff he wants me to work on. Sounds good.

So I’ve got a lot to do and I am being challenged. But that’s what I wanted so I can’t complain. I didn’t expect to be thrown into Malagueña this early, but, hey, I’m game to try.

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