Finished the First Edit of Quaternity

Today I finished the first edit for the Haxan prequel novel. The title of the novel is Quaternity. There is a sub-title The Sunset of Destruction, the Ashes of the West.

I think it went pretty well. As I have mentioned this is not like anything I have ever written before. When I first thought of the story I knew it would be difficult to write and would be outside my comfort zone. Which is what drew me to the project in the first place.

This is no longer outside my comfort zone. This is my comfort zone.

I didn’t come across many places where I thought it was messed up beyond redemption. Most of the stuff I found were little things which needed attention. There were a handful of plot points I had to correct or shape up. There remains several more I have to go back and pay attention to anyway. But they are small and I saw no gigantic structural problem which stopped me in my tracks.

I can catch up on those little things later. A couple of characterization notes, not much else. Making sure I have the specific points of the history or culture in line. Given the kind of novel this is, I actually have a little running room in that regard. This is not a history book. It’s a novel.

It went pretty well. I started this rewrite on Christmas Day and finished it today. I will probably take a couple days off before I do a cold read through to see how it holds up in fresh light.

I am well within my timeline to get this finished by March. I am not worried about meeting that goal at all.

I am beyond the light at the end of the tunnel. I am standing at its terminus.

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