Catching Up with Me

Next week I will try to post some pictures from the Border Trip I took to research the novel. I don’t know what they will add to the context of the process I have already written about, but you might like them. Who knows?

I wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words and support you sent my way during, and after, the novel was written. It means  a lot to me. 🙂

I haven’t been doing much lately. Getting some reading done. I am thinking of working on a couple of short stories. After a big project like this I generally enjoy working on shorter stories. But I am committed to beginning the edit on the novel Christmas Day. Doesn’t leave much time. I won’t obsess over it. If I can squeeze in a short story or two, fine. If not, no big deal .

The novel comes first. Period.

I am also kind of toying with an idea for  a new novel, but I am keeping that close to the vest right now. I will blog about that, too, later. Not trying to be coy, the initial phase of this new novel idea is pretty inchoate. We will see where it goes. (If anywhere.)

I also have some blog posts that have been hanging fire, reviews and such, I haven’t gotten to. They are on the agenda as well.

Other than that everything is going along fine here. Hope everyone has a good weekend. See you next week with new blog posts. 🙂

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