More Thoughts on the Completed Novel

I am trying to completely process what I was able to accomplish in 19 days. One of the things that strikes me about it is how fast this novel was written. Yet when you take into account all the notes, research, trips, preparation, it wasn’t so fast. Then again it was kind of fast, ha. Like I said, I continue to try and understand all this myself.

When I finished I decided to put it aside for two weeks before I start editing. That means I start the edits on Christmas Day. Well that’s two weeks so that is when I will start. I’m looking forward to it.

Not only do I feel a sense of relief in finally getting this done, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I always do, when I finish a story. It’s more pronounced now because of all the trouble I had getting this started and understanding the novel.

I am very gratified I was able to do this. I knew it would be a difficult novel to write. It was. But I did it. I accomplished it, and I like the story and it turned out to be the story I wanted to write and had a vision for.

I can’t beat that. Hell, I will take it and run.

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