My Chicon7 Update

Had a good day today. Go up, ate a big breakfast, and walked to the convention. I checked on my bookmarks and attended a panel on How to Get an Agent. Later I met Jennifer Brozek and Matt Forbeck for lunch and hit the dealer room.

We went through the Dealer Room and I stopped by the CZP table and met with Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory. These are the editors who will be publishing my Haxan novel in 2014. I offered to help them carry stuff up to the room party tomorrow afternoon and told them if they needed help at the dealer table I was available. After that I attended another panel on how editors fill magazines and returned to the hotel.

Guess what? I was so busy today I forgot to take pictures. Idiot me.

I’ll have supper tonight and may nor may not return to the convention. Thinking about pizza and red wine. I am always reminded I must pace myself because I have overdone these things in the past and then I am too tired to do anything the next day! And tomorrow looks like it might be a long one….

Later: Clouding up. Hope it doesn’t rain, but I think some is expected tomorrow. I need a bumbleshoot!

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