Attending the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, 2012

I made it to Worldcon in Chicago yesterday. So far it’s been good even though I had to wake up at what, I forget now, 3:15 am? Had a little trouble with the plane trip from Dallas because we had to go back from the runway because there was a problem. After an hour wait we got a new plane and flew in to Chicago. Later that night I attended a Chicago Cubs ballgame, and of course they lost, haha. I also ate an Italian beef sandwich for supper, and boy am I believer!

I got my registration packet yesterday and read through it today. Penciled in a couple of panels I want to attend, but mostly I’m here to see and connect with some writer friends and watch some anime. Even so I expect to be pretty  busy. Hope to see some friends and have drinks with them on Saturday afternoon.

I’ll try to update what’s going on when I can. Maybe some pics, later, if I can remember to take them. 🙂


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