Okay, it’s been a while but here’s my excuse….

Been busy and hope to catch up with the blog soon.

I’ve been making notes on the new novel and have some news about the upcoming Haxan novel and its publication date. I also have some new publicity photos and went on another trip to Colorado and did some research there, too. Pictures for all!

Sorry I let the blog lapse. These have been some crazy months, and it doesn’t appear to get any better for the remainder of the summer. I’ve got a couple of writing conventions to attend and will blog about them, too.

So, again, I apologize for not keeping up with things, but I have been busy and will catch you up on all the news ASAP. Thanks for your patience!


2 Replies to “Okay, it’s been a while but here’s my excuse….”

  1. Absolutely NO apologies required, KM! I myself was away from my blog for almost 10 days recently due to some very important PR work for raising funds for some much-needed projects here in my local area. I love writing PR for OTHER folk, not myself. So pleased about your research trips and good writing you report!

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