Meet Me Tonight in Laredo

I am headed out on my trip today. I will drive up and down the US/Mexico border to research some of the places that appear in the new Haxan novel. As I drive and sight see I am also going to write, write, write.

You can follow the progress of my trip on Twitter, assuming I have cell service in some of these places. My first stop is Laredo tonight. Then I plan on going to the McDonald Observatory and camping around up there. From then on I play it by ear, but some of the places I plan to stopping by are Mesilla, Yuma, and maybe Tombstone although the last will be for purely tourist reasons.

I don’t know if I will turn north toward Pueblo or not. Like I said I will play this one mostly by ear. I have no set itinerary. I’m going camping and writing and working on the new novel. That’s the plan.

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