It’s a “Livin’ Thing”

Anyone who reads my blog knows I like opera.  But unlike some stuffed shirts I don’t believe opera has to be Wagnarian in concept to be opera.

That’s why I want to give you a link to one of the first rock bands to incorporate operatic themes and classical sounds in their music.  When Electric Light Orchestra first started out they were a true orchestra.  In fact, they were more orchestra than rock band which gave them their signature sound.  They weren’t ever referred to as ELO but as Electric Light Orchestra. It was only later they moved away from their classical roots and became E.L.O.

As a result, they were never as good and they quickly vanished.  Deservedly so, imo.

But nevertheless this song, and the blend of rock and classical music, endures. “Livin’ Thing” has a deep orchestral arrangement that  sweetens the song and makes it memorable.  Give it a listen.

2 Replies to “It’s a “Livin’ Thing””

  1. I always LOVED ELO! I have played classical piano for 60 years now! I always listen to/attend every opera when I get a decent chance. Thanks so much for sharing this today!

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