Making Some Decisions as a Writer are not as Easy as it Seems

It’s morning and I am sitting in the coffee shop with my writing buddy. I’ve been having some difficulty with the heel of my right foot. I somehow banged the heel or popped it or something and now it’s sore and I am having a very hard time walking around on it. Wearing boots helps because it supports the foot some, but walking is slow.

I have done this before. I never can remember what I do to hurt the heel but it’s obviously something very stupid since I keep doing it. I’ve been dealing with this for three days now and while it has gotten nominally better it has not healed up. But then again if it’s a pulled tendon (not the Achilles’ Heel, btw) or something then it will take a long time to heal. There is no bruise or anything. It’s all very frustrating.

Sometimes making a decision as a writer is more difficult than it seems. I have not been writing new stuff recently although I plan to look at the novel today. I’ve been thinking about the book a lot lately. I am probably writing this a little slower than I ordinarily would, I admit that. But part of the reason behind this is because I am also deeply immersed in research and, yes, there’s a lot of thinking involved with this novel.

I am satisfied with what I have so far and I like the direction the book is headed. I do admit part of my problem in slowing down is my big Border Trip is coming up probably in April or May. I have talked to my writing buddy about this and she says I should go ahead and write the book and anything I learn or find on the trip along the US/Mexico border I can layer that in. She’s right, of course, but part of me continues to think I will miss out on some tiny literary aspect that would escape me otherwise.

Yes, I know that’s stupid. I’m not going to wait two more months or whatever before I start writing on this novel again, no matter what my reasons. And, yes, I know I am always one on this blog to preach you should listen to your instincts. And you should. But not when your instincts go against what you know to be intellectually correct.

I have to keep writing the novel before I take the trip because otherwise I risk losing connection with the story. Not that I think such a thing will happen. But I don’t want to risk it.

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