Why I Write

I want to talk about why I write.

Lots of writers have many different reasons why they write. The reason I write is very simple. You see, I grew up in a household where my only avenue of escape was to read. I lost myself in books and stories so I wouldn’t have to face what was going on around me.

When I was very young I wanted to be a writer. Oh, I wanted to do the things a young boy wants: astronaut, cowboy, etc. But deep down I felt there was something inside me that demanded I write. I’ve never been able to figure it out. Maybe I wanted to do something to pay forward on the stories and books and novels that helped me escape.

All I know is today I am a writer. I don’t think writing is easy and for me it’s not that much fun. I do it because I am driven. The reason is as simple (or as complex) as that.

I am neither happy or sad that I am a writer. It’s who I am. It is how I define myself and how I have always defined myself.

I read books and stories so I could escape. Now I write to help pay forward and support an art form that helped me survive a pretty bad time.

That’s why I write.

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