No One Understands a Writer Like Another Writer

One of the things you learn as you write is how to discern between what is a good story idea and what is not.

At first blush it appears simple. Pretty much anything can be used as a story idea. And I would agree with you up to a point. But how the story is developed and what structure you use and how you use it…that’s the true test. That comes with experience and confidence.

I try to help new writers when I can and if they ask. I had no help when I was starting off as a young writer so I know what it’s like to flail around without any idea of what to do. There wasn’t an Internet and there wasn’t a lot of published material in bookstores to help nascent writers. We were pretty much on our own if we didn’t have a mentor, and I didn’t have a real mentor until I as in my late twenties.

But everything has changed now. Today there are a lot of resources you can access and dialogs you can enter into with other writers on the Internet. It’s a heady time. I don’t think this makes being a writer easier. But it does arm the writer with more information and plans of attack which we never had.

However, for all that nothing beats another writer to talk to. You can read all the books you want and bookmark all the Internet pages you can, but the best thing you can do as a writer is find another writer to talk to.

No one understand a writer like another writer. I know I’ve said it before but I will keep saying it because I believe more than anything else that will help you grow and develop. Having another writer to talk to, and vent to, and ask for advice is extremely beneficial. Books are good resources, but nothing beats another writer in your life.

A good writer friend you can trust for advice and critique can help you avoid bad story ideas….and a lot of other clunky things that can hold you back. Writing is a lonely profession anyway. It always helps to have someone else who understands what you are going through, and who can relate.

7 Replies to “No One Understands a Writer Like Another Writer”

  1. How very true it is to have another writer-friend to talk to in the flesh! I am blessed in having a daughter-in-law who fits this bill perfectly. Thank good the internet does allow for free exchange around the clock, of course! Thanks so much for your encouragement of us here today. Just acknowledging that writing is a lonely profession helps a lot, for some reason!

  2. Sometimes it seems like there is just too much writing about writing out there. I get overwhelmed just by the writers I know. Might I ask… and maybe this is really a topic for a different blog entry, but what are your favorite writers’ resources out there, both blogs and other tools like Duotrope?

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