I am glad the holidays are at an end. Now the hard work begins.

I really am. Now I can concentrate on the 1000 other things that need attention.

I have short stories lined up for publication through Argo Navis along with:

1.) New Haxan novel to work on. And research.

2. Other short stories clamoring to be written.

3.) Outside work.

4.) Keeping up with Theater 13 Radio.

5.) Fighting our extremely poor Internet access. Which may ultimately impact Theater 13, because if I can’t get a dependable Internet then I really may have to shut down the radio. In fact, it just went out again as I was typing this, so shutting down Theater 13 Radio is becoming more of a possibility than ever before if I can’t get this rectified. I can’t in good conscience ask people to listen to the radio if I can’t assure them of a dependable connection. It’s just not fair to them. I am really wrestling with this right now.

6. I don’t even want to think about all the family stuff hanging over my head. I don’t know how I’m going to juggle that along with writing and radio and publishing.

And that’s the work. I’m not even taking into account my desire to continue learning and practicing classical guitar. Sheesh. It’s really overwhelming.

It all comes down to this. Something has got to go. I’m committed to writing and getting my backlog of stories published through Argo Navis. That means everything else may have to be forfeit.

And that’s what writing is all about, Charlie Brown. Making hard decisions.

I’m going to have to start making them.



2 Replies to “I am glad the holidays are at an end. Now the hard work begins.”

  1. Oh, wow, your bad internet access sounds like the valley in the next county where we have a small farm! I can relate BIG TIME to your problems. In the 21st century, as a writer and reviewer, it just SUCKS to be without dependable broadband signal!

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