Hoo Boy, I Have A Lot To Do This Week

Yikes. I do have a lot to accomplish. But in front of all that is simple writing. I hope I can carve enough time out for that.

Sometimes it’s not just making yourself sit in front of the computer and working. Sometimes all kinds of other stuff gets in the way and holds you back. But I think I will be able to head to the coffee shop and find an hour or two to work on the novel.

I don’t let it get to me too much when I am unable to write. I know eventually things around me will settle down and I’ll be back to it. But when I am not writing the knowledge I should be writing is always there.

Either way, I do have some things lined up for the week that I hope to share. But even with that I want to actually work on the novel. As long as nothing else comes barreling over the horizon I think I will be able to accomplish that. Hope so! 🙂

2 Replies to “Hoo Boy, I Have A Lot To Do This Week”

  1. So you like to write in coffee shops, too? Being around people, yet under no obligation to talk to them is somehow very supportive of getting good words strung together, I have always found.

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