Finding Which Way to Turn in Classical Guitar

Part of the problem I run into when teaching myself classical guitar is I will bounce from book to book. What I mean is, there are many good solo books out there to learn from. I have several. I lean toward Solo Guitar Playing by Noad and Classical Guitar by Hal Leonard. They are both good. But on top of all that are etudes by everyone and his brother you can work through, not to mention all the resources on YouTube.

Having an instructor would help but that is not an option available to me right now. Then again this is only a hobby for me and not a total commitment.

So in the interim I bounce back and forth between books. I’m not saying this scattershot approach is smart. I have never been accused of being smart. But for a dedicated hobby it works. I can work on one section in one book and match that up with a similar session in another. As long as I do that I feel I am making progress on some level.

Without a doubt having professional instruction would be beneficial. I don’t have the resources or the time for that. I do not even know if I would make the personal commitment if I did have the opportunity. I’m still a writer. I don’t think I am ready to push that aside so I can concentrate fully on classical guitar. I know I am not.

When all is said and done I am making some progress on learning how to play classical guitar. I would like to advance a little faster, that much is true. But it is what it is and I can’t change it right now.

One Reply to “Finding Which Way to Turn in Classical Guitar”

  1. I was priviledged night before last to attend a Christmas concert where a classical guitar was played, along with a violin, a piano, and wind chimes, for the tune “Mary, did you know?” The bass thrumming by the guitarist just MADE this number for the audience! Love it when you post about classical guitar!

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